5 Unique Ways to Use your Resin Pieces

All you need is a little string, a little glue, and a lot of creativity! Before you know it, all of the resin pieces you’ve created that didn’t have a home before, can move in ASAP! All of these crafts make for some quality alone time or add a creative and fun touch to a party! Here are five creative and unique ways to morph your resin project into something you can cherish for years to come.


Idea #1 DIY Wine Stopper!

 Calling all wine connoisseurs! This one is for you

Grab a resin piece you have laying around, or take a few minutes to create something new!
Once you have your piece, cured, and ready to be used- simply use a generous dot of resin to glue your piece to the top of a wine stopper of your choice! Cure it under the UV light and BAM! You can make one for yourself, or create a few for an upcoming girl’s weekend. These fun and festive wine stoppers make a great gift, as well! Pop a few in some tissue paper as a bridal shower gift, or give some to mom for mother’s day! Happy wining!


  Idea #2 Window / Entry way charms

Do you need a unique and fun way to add some extra personalized flair to your home or office? Well, do we have a fun and unique DIY for you!

You’ll need about 10 or more resin pieces, a drill, and some string for this project. Simply gather up some resin pieces you have laying around, or create some new ones! Once you have all of your cured pieces gathered, Drill a hole into the top of the pieces. Tie a couple of feet of string into the hole you drilled, and create a masterpiece!
You can choose a monochrome look, or add some glitter to catch the sunlight! You can vary lengths for a distressed look, or keep things prim and proper with exact measurements! Get creative and tag your creation with #BlueMoonMaker for a chance to be featured.


Idea #3 Vase Beads

Do you have a party or event coming up that you need to decorate for? Well, then this one is for you party people!!

This one is pretty self-explanatory… decorate your vases!
No matter what you put inside, decorative beads and charms and really create a well-rounded ambiance to your events! Simply create a handful (depending on how many vases you have for your event) of small quarter-sized resin pieces, cure them all the way, and simply pop them into the bottom of a glass vase or container.
Inspiration: You can go traditional for a classy and timeless look or create fun and themed resin pieces to decorate your vase with!
Fall-themed wedding? Try a light brown dye with gold flecks of glitter!
Halloween party? Black cat and bats!
Springtime baby shower? Yellow and white flowers! Even baby bottles could do the trick!
The possibilities are endless, and your event is sure to be a hit that your guests will talk about for years to come!



Idea #4 Shoe Charms!

Customize your favorite comfort shoe!

Calling all comfort lovers! You can now create your own custom charms! You don’t have to search high and low for your favorite characters, or designs anymore! From BFF charms to your favorite foods- you can rock it on your shoes!

All you need are:
Some empty charms (you can find these on amazon)
Your UV ResinCraft kit
Favorite comfort shoes

Simply create the resin piece you desire. Once it is cured all the way through, dab a little resin onto the empty charm top and stick your piece on. Cure under the UV lamp for 1 - 2 minutes until secured. From matching BFF charms to your name, or a favorite food- you can rock your shoes however you please!


Idea #5 Decorative pins!

Don’t have a favorite pair of comfy shoes? That’s okay! Rock your bag with customized swag!

This one is a very similar concept to the charms above! Purchase some flat pinbacks and use your UV resin to glue your favorite cured resin pieces to the flat top! This way, you can create your own collectible pins and share them with your friends or family!


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