3 Steps For The Perfect Craft Night

There is nothing better than being surrounded by the people you love, catching up about weeks passed, and weeks ahead while sharing memories and laughs.

Okay- we lied. We have a few ways you could make your fun and enjoyable night with loved ones just a little better!
Throw in some snacks and a few easy crafts for you and your friends and BAM!

 You have a recipe for a lifetime of memories. Sounds like the perfect night, right? 
So, where should you start?

Step 1) Plan plan plan!

Who? When? Where?
To figure out where and when the best time to host your craft night is- you first have to establish who made the VIP list! From there, you can determine where and when to have the craft night of a lifetime!

What crafts should I include?

There are hundreds of crafts to do so narrowing down where to start can be tricky.

You can’t go wrong with coloring pages & markers, or beads and string! 

If you want to try something a little more tactile- we suggest some quick and easy UV Resin! Lucky for you, we have our very own UV Resin kits available at Walmart.com or Amazon.com! 
Our non-stick, crystal-clear UV Resin cures under our provided UV lamp in only one to two minutes!
In your kit, you’ll get everything you need- so no need to scurry around your favorite craft store to gather supplies only to get home and realize you missed a vital item! One kit and you’re guaranteed to be set for the night. With 5 kits to choose from, there is sure to be one for everyone on your list.

Step 2) Keep the party going!

Besides your craft night supplies, you’ll need some food and drinks to keep everyone energized and ready to create custom key chains, and more- all night long!

It's all about balance

Something sweet. 

Something salty.

And something to drink!

we suggest an apple cider to keep things in the fall spirit ;)

Step 3) Enjoy your night!

No need to dress up. This craft night is for company & comfort! 

We like to mention that a PJ dress code is highly encouraged to optimize the fun! 
Once your kits are bought, snacks are out, and PJs are on… it’s your time to relax and enjoy the night!

Create a fun keychain or fashionable pair of earrings as your keepsake for throwing a craft night that your guests will remember forever!