UV ResinCraft FAQs

What is UV ResinCraft?

  • UV ResinCraft is a new technology for making small items like jewelry. It’s a clear material that dries ONLY in UV Light – either from a UV Lamp or from sunlight. It’s a super popular and trendy new way of crafting jewelry.

How is UV ResinCraft used?

  • It is most commonly used in silicone molds or in jewelry metal frames called bezels. 
  • UV ResinCraft can pour directly from the bottle into molds or bezels. Or you can mix in tints, glitter, and other items to colorize it first.

What can you add to UV ResinCraft?

  • You can layer UV ResinCraft with dried flowers, polymer clay slices, metal charms, stickers, photos, paper, confetti, all types of glitter, and so much more. We’ve even used seed beads, letter beads, and candy sprinkles!

What should you AVOID adding to UV ResinCraft? 

  • We do NOT suggest coloring the resin with Alcohol Inks – this seems to interfere with the cure.
  • Avoid adding very dark or completely opaque tints. If there is more tint than resin, it will not cure properly.
  • Do not add fresh flowers or leaves – due to their high water content, they will deteriorate over time.

What can you use to tint or colorize UV ResinCraft?

  • We sell special pigment dyes to tint UV ResinCraft. You can also use mica powder, eyeshadow, a tiny drop of acrylic paint, or colored glitter.

How is UV ResinCraft different than 2-part resin / epoxy resin?

  • UV ResinCraft is very different! There is no measuring or mixing of two parts, less bubbles, and it cures like magic within minutes instead of hours/days.
  • UV ResinCraft is much better suited for small items like rings, pendants, charms and beads. It may not work best on large surfaces like trays, coasters, bookmarks, or trinket boxes.   
How long does it take to cure?
  • This is almost-instant resin crafting! Cure times under our 9W UV Lamp are about 2-4 minutes.
  • You can cure in the sun! Cure times in direct sunlight are about 5-7 minutes.
  • Cure times in indirect sunlight / cloudy day may be up to 30 minutes.
  • Always leave extra cure time for super dark or super large items. If the light can’t reach it, it will not cure.

What types of UV ResinCraft do you sell?

  • The classic UV ResinCraft is clear, and cures to a hard, plastic-like texture. We sell this type of UV Resin in multiple size bottles.
  • Also available is Soft UV ResinCraft, which cures to a pliable, gummy-like texture. This works well for jewelry pieces that need to move or bend, like bracelet components.
  • Also available is Pre-tinted UV ResinCraft, which already has the color incorporated.

How else can you use UV ResinCraft?

  • Besides using in molds and bezels, UV ResinCraft can also be used:
  • As an instant-grab adhesive for jewelry, miniatures, or models
  • For a shiny topcoat on the surface of many materials – including polymer clay jewelry or sculptures. Especially good on top of die cut vinyl to seal the edges and protect it.
  • To add a glitter topcoat to keychains and other projects
  • For adding domed effects on top of bezels and jewelry
  • To add color to nearly any material – much like a colored enamel that will cure instantly

What safety precautions should I put in place?

  • Use UV ResinCraft in a well-ventilated area. If this isn’t available, using a mask is an option.
  • Do not work near sunlight or UV rays, as your piece will start to harden before you want it to.
  • If you have sensitive skin, or a known resin allergy, please use gloves.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets – recommended for Age 15+.
  • Avoid direct contact with skin, eyes, and mouth.
  • Do not use on the nails or cure onto the skin. Do not ingest.

Cleanup and Storage:

  • Store sealed tightly, between 32 – 77 degrees F.
  • Cleanup excess UV ResinCraft with a damp paper towel or baby wipe.
  • The easiest way to clean silicone molds or cups is to cure the resin in place and then just peel it out.
  • Use clear tape to pick up any remaining dust, glitter or resin that has stuck to the silicone.
  • Silicone molds and cups can be washed with mild soap and water.

How can I learn more?

  • Visit our How-to and Inspiration sections of our website for projects and more
  • There are dozens of videos available through Michaels.com on how to use UV Resin– you can join a live Zoom class for free, or watch recordings of past classes
  • New project ideas are being added every month to Michaels.com
  • For a complete beginner, you might want to start with one of our Kits, since they have a little of everything you will need.  All kits come with a link to an instructional video that shows you how to create using UV ResinCraft.